Mandalar Hospital

Mandalar Hospital is located on 68thx69thth Street, 33rd street, Mandalay, consistently offering premier health services and therapeutic care in every specialty. Our hospital fills the high expectation of patients with warm service by doctors and employees, equipped with modern technology and treatment of talented medical professionals.


  • Started as 25 bedded hospital in 1994.
  • Extended Mandalar Outpatient Clinic at the downtown area of Mandalay in 1996.
  • Established very first Hemodialysis Center in Upper Myanmar in 1999.
  • Upgraded into 50 bedded hospital in 2006.
  • Equipped the latest MRI machine in Upper Myanmar in 2006.
  • Upgraded into 100 bedded hospital with the opening of 9th floor new building in 2016.
  • In 2016, there was installation of international healthcare system with LIS, HIS and medical record system.
  • Achieved ISO 9001:2015 accreditation in 2018.
  • Installation of EMR system in 2021.

Our Mission

“To Provide excellent outcome, wonderful experience and affordable treatment to our client/ patients”

Our Vision

“To be a leading hospital in Myanmar by transforming healthcare delivery to the community we serve”

Core Value

◦Patient Centric


◦Team Work

◦Mutual Respect



Our Slogan

“Quality Care to Community”


Winner of Corporate Social Responsibility on Hospital Management Asia 2015

Why Us?

1. Patient Centric Caring

            Compassionate caring is one of the Mandalar Hospital’s core values. We offer deep compassion, kindness and care throughout patient’s journey. Convenience plays another vital role at Mandalar and the hospital’s one-stop service is able to provide diagnostic tests, specialty referrals, and treatment fast and easy.

2. International standard Quality Healthcare

           Mandalar Hospital is the very first hospital achieving ISO 9001:2015 in Upper Myanmar. Our hospital is now on the journey of attaining Joint Commission International Accreditation (JCIA) in the near future. Patient safety and maintaining international standard quality is our priority and mainly led by hospital’s quality control team.

3. Innovative Technology

            Given the wide range of resources that we have: latest technologies, equipment and the expertise of the medical professionals, we are confident to deliver the safest and the greatest treatments with better outcomes. Being a leader in cutting-edge technology, Mandalar hospital is the hospital of choice for its advanced equipment in Neurosurgery, Urosurgery, ENT & Ortho surgeries.

4. Trustworthy

            Being a successful and branded hospital in Myanmar for over 27 years, our hospital has been well known for its reliability, transparency and consistent patient care.