The project “Myint Myat Phyu Zin Charity Specialist Clinic” of Mandalar Hospital was one of the Excellence Award winners in Corporate Social Responsibility category during the 2015 Asian Hospital Management Awards.

The aim of Myint Myat Phyu Zin Charity is to provide medical care and assistance to needy patients, irrespective of the race, religion and social standard, as the medical cost is one of the major factors prohibiting patients to seek proper medical care.


Corporate Social Responsibility by Mandalar Hospital

Mandalar CSR group is dedicated to help the needs of local people, environment and society. Our CSR group is planning to go and donate at different places on every Sat of 2nd week of Every month of the whole year round. There, donation of medicine, food, cash and free medical examination were done actively and happily.We are proud to share our charity images to the public and also welcome to you all to participate in our humanitarian activities.


On December 9th 2017, Mandalar Hospital family went to “YGW” home for aged, located at the place where transportation is difficult and far away.



On March 16th 2019, Mandalar Hospital Family went to “ Women vocational school ” located at the “Ministry of Social Welfare, Relief and resettlement , Mandalay” .


On May 24th 2019, Mandalar Hospital Family went to “ Mann Taung Chay” Adult Care Center.

Smile Train


We,Mandalar Hospital have special Smile Train programs that give small stipends to the poorest of the poor that allows them to receive their cleft treatments . Smile Train is an international children’s charity with a sustainable approach to a single, solvable problem: cleft lip and palate.



Congratulations! Mandalar Hospital ISO 9001:2015

We are proud to announced that we have successfully achived ISO 9001:2015 in November 2017.